Music Matters Interview: ShiGGa Shay (Singapore) talks the Lion City’s evolving Hip Hop community

Singapore based artist ShiGGa Shay is not only a rapper but is also a music producer and film maker. Showcasing his talents at this years Music Matters, ShiGGa Shay is a man of many creative pursuits, something which he states is not a necessity for a modern artist, “but it definitely helps.” On the topic of creativity, he recognises “I just like creating and finding different avenues where I can express my creativity.” Beginning his musical journey at a young age in a Chinese Orchestra and a military band, rapping provided ShiGGa Shay with an output, allowing him to say what he wanted to say.

Hip Hop in Singapore was not particularly accepted at the beginning of ShiGGa Shay’s career, motivating him to educate audiences about Hip Hop music. Reluctant to take credit for being an early innovator of the scene in Singapore, he says he’s “just happy to be a part of the story.” Hoping that in the future, music from Singapore will experience a global reach, he acknowledges that many artists are fighting for international recognition.

While three years have passed since the release of his debut album, ShiGGa Shay has been working on a lot of new music, stating that he has been “rediscovering myself as an artist, finding myself and finding my sound and the type of message that i want to put out.” Keen to share his latest efforts, we will hopefully see new music later this year.

For more about ShiGGa Shay, check out his Facebook page.


Photo of ShiGGa Shay at Music Matters by Jasmin Osman. Interview Conducted by Larry Heath.