Music Matters Interview: Eyre Llew (UK) on being “DIY”, playing South Korea and more

Ambient rockers Eyre Llew from Nottingham kicked off their Asian tour at Music Matters 2018 in Singapore.

Enjoying their first time in Singapore, Eyre Llew appreciate that “Music Matters is drawing people from all over the world, you meet people from all different cultures and nationalities.” Having previously performed in South Korea, the UK band states the response from those shows as “the main reason why we wanna keep coming back and wanna keep going to Asia more and more.” For Eyre Llew, “music is nothing if not a conduit for emotion and if it doesn’t have that emotional integrity, then it falls down on the first hurdle, and that is, I think, the biggest motivation for us.”

Encapsulating the very definition of DIY, Eyre Llew are their own “label, booking agent, manager, designer, publisher, sound tech, basically everything up until now we’ve done mostly ourselves.” While it has been a lot of hard work and they have certainly learnt a lot, they acknowledge that “the small team that we do have are really great,” and adopting a DIY approach has “allowed us to be as flexible as we decide to be.”

Following their tour of Asia, Eyre Llew plan to focus on writing and recording their second album, aiming to have made something brilliant by the end of next year. While their debut was solely made by themselves, this time around they are looking to work with a producer or two, getting “a fresh set of ears to help guide us through it.”

Currently touring China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, the Nottingham boys seem very glad to be back in Asia.

For more about Eyre Llew, check out their Facebook page.

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