Major Chord – Psychic Civil War (2011 LP)

Folk is a genre that doesn’t gel with everyone but occasionally an artist comes along whose music is so inherently beautiful and honest that it commands your attention. Dan Flynn is one such musician and his third LP to be released under the Major Chord moniker is gorgeously constructed pop that soothes as it inspires with his dulcet tones and the genteel nature of his sound.

Psychic Civil War boasts ten acoustic anthems that draw upon themes taken from Flynn’s personal experiences as a social worker, father, husband and muso. Flynn reflects upon coping with change and loss and the never ending internal struggle we all face with an overwhelmingly positive vibe that never patronises, but is accepting and open. The celebratory attitude that exudes through the music is comforting and while some of the lyrical content is at times cliched, the general message and its delivery has been very well executed.

Opening track “Tomorrow Night” immediately shows a sharper sound then was featured on 2009’s The Rabbit Hole. Flynn has expanded his use of percussion and the gentle beats make this tune a success. “Two Young Lovers” is a sublime tale of the joys and suffering that romance brings set to a lush background of glockenspiel and soft guitars. The sleepy sounds of “Streetcar” ache with longing as does the graceful beauty of “Dreaming of Murakami”, a sweet work of art that is easily relatable.

Psychic Civil War is an eloquent album that showcases Flynn’s innate talent for penning richly textured, emotive tunes that are integral by nature and incredibly moving. If you’re a fan of Iron & Wine then check out Major Chord. His music is heartfelt and direct and very easy to fall in love with.

Review Score: 8/10