‘Looking Past the Pandemic’ with Maxine from Sydney, NSW

Keeping travel dreams alive and setting goals has never felt more important. We can all agree that 2020 has been an unfortunate year so far, and almost every facet of daily life has been wrought by this ongoing global pandemic, the start of which now feels like forever ago. The arts has been one of the hardest hit areas, so The AU Review has kickstarted a Q&A series “looking past the pandemic”, encouraging creatives from around the world to share their travel hopes, dreams, and the thoughts or things that are getting them through 2020, while also highlighting essential experiences in their own country.

Maxine (Sydney, NSW)

Fresh off releasing her sensual new single “Do It”, Sydney artist Maxine sinks further into the increasingly dense web of quality R&B coming from Australia. Shaped as an intimate love story, the single is a honeyed, passionate showcase for Maxine’s soulful style, cribbing echoes of 70s bedroom jams and blending them with a pulsating modern production: the perfect slow-burning mood to celebrate the kind of love that floods the senses.

We caught up with Maxine to look past the pandemic.

When travel opens up completely, the first place I’m going is…

USA! I’m really missing all of my friends in LA right now.. and I really wanna go back to New York!

Head to the top of Hotel Palisade for a stunning view of Sydney.

Three spots in Sydney I think everyone should visit at least once in their life…

Hmm Kutti beach is one spot. Sydney is known for its beautiful beaches and this one is a cute little hideaway.

Another is the Palisade Hotel.. it’s super beautiful with such a stunning view of the city.

Last place would be Chinaman’s beach. Another super cute little hideaway with seriously crystal clear water… can you tell I love the summertime! Haha!

Maxine can’t get enough of Merivale hotspot Ms.G’s

Whenever I have a visitor in my city and I want to show them a good night out, the first place I take them is…

Ms.Gs!!! Definitely my favourite restaurant in Sydney and just all round a super dope vibe! I’m a foodie so can’t go wrong here!

The last place I take them is…

Ms.Gs so they leave Sydney with the best possible taste in their mouth.. Hahaha. Twice is just enough! Seriously, if you’re reading this, do it!

Most memorable thing I’ve eaten on the road..

In New Zealand I had some really incredible pies. I have no clue where but what people say about New Zealand pies is true!

The one international venue I’ve always wanted to play..

Is it too cliche to say at the Hollywood Bowl? Gosh that would be incredible.

The one international destination I’m yet to visit but have always dreamed of…

I need to go to EUROPE! I’ve travelled so much, but haven’t been to Europe yet. It’s so full of culture and beautiful places and I can’t believe I haven’t taken the leap yet! It’s definitely on the calendar, hopefully for soon!

The three things or thoughts that are getting me through this pandemic…

Music has been keeping me sane through this pandemic seriously… writing music, listening to music, making music. Everything about it. Also, the thought that I’m not alone so I don’t need to be so hard on myself. I’m super tough on myself, sometimes too much and I’ve found comfort in knowing that I don’t need to be doing the most right now, more so because I can’t! Also, my BF. No cliche but he’s made me be way more level headed throughout this pandemic.. without his comfort I’d probably go even more crazy than I already am!


To keep up with Maxine head over to her Instagram here.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.