Live Review: World's End Press – The Ed Castle, Adelaide (27.07.13)

I’ve been stalking World’s End Press since I saw them open for The Night Terrors at the John Curtin many moons ago. They were dressed in sports attire and put on one of the funnest live shows I’ve ever seen. Fast forward three years to the hipster party Plus One in the City of Churches, and it was obvious from the get go that the four-piece from Melbourne have grown a lot since the days of sporting paraphernalia and dancing robots onstage.

With a sound that’s less poppy and more edge, the boys are still in fine form and pulled in a big crowd who were letting loose in the band room. Frontman John Parkinson and his soulful, smooth vocals has a captivating presence. There’s a manic kind of energy that coalesces when they play, even with the angsty sound they’re creating; with their new single “To Send Our Love” proving to be a moody dancefloor hit, as the punters got down with the band and their funky synth goodness.

World’s End Press played a sharp, energetic set and have cemented their place as party Gods on the national scene. I had a blast jumping around to their music, entranced with the electric atmosphere flowing from the stage and hope they’ll be back soon for more tomfoolery when their debut LP is finally released.