Live Review: Toro y Moi + Washed Out – Hi Fi Bar (09.02.12)

The chillwave bromance was on as two of America’s hippest electronic maestro’s teamed up for a double headlining extravaganza at Melbourne’s Hi Fi bar.

The sound at this venue always leaves a lot to be desired and tonight was no exception with barely audible vocals and deafening bass marring the first few minutes of Washed Out’s set. To be honest I am not a fan of his music and as such their live show didn’t do much for me, Ernest Greene has a lively presence, his fellow touring musician’s play well and while their aesthetic seemed to be lacking the energy one would expect from a dance oriented act, the crowd lapped it up, cheering with a crazy enthusiasm for the duration of their performance.

Greene & co. were passionately convulsing behind their synths and inciting the crowd to get up and move, which was a difficult task as the room was packed to capacity during Washed Out’s show.

It was surprising to see the room clear during the wait between bands, and I pity the people who didn’t stick around to watch Toro Y Moi in action as Chaz Bundick mixes like a mother fucker and his live show is intensely fun as the band and the crowd lost themselves in the music. Their electronic tunes have a more rock oriented vibe live and seeing the band cranking out new interpretations of their studio work was simply amazing.

The boys all looked to be having a grand time onstage with Bundick’s smooth vocals and funky moves making the ladies swoon. Highlights of the show included ripper renditions of “All Alone” and “Still Sound”, which turned the Hi Fi into a sea of sweaty, flailing limbs as the crowd got loose to the frenetic energy exuded by the band. Toro Y Moi were fantastic live. Fingers crossed he’ll be back on our shores soon for some more party fun times.