Live Review: The Teskey Brothers deliver a riveting performance alongside Mia Wray in Melbourne

Teskey Brothers

An incredible return to the Forum Theatre played out on Wednesday night as The Teskey Brothers joined by Mia Wray played two shows across a packed sold-out venue.

Mia Wray was a revelation to open both sets. Her powerful vocals set a wonderful tone for the set to come. Yet, Mia wasn’t to be outclassed by the powerhouse vocals of Josh coming later.

She left a memorable mark in the memories of the crowd through her music with a strong stage presence to boot. With a single tour of her own coming up for the release of ‘Never Going to be the Same’ coming up it was the perfect place to give an extra little grunt and win some well deserved new fans.

Mia Wray

After a wonderful thirty-minute set from Mia, the main stage was set for Josh, Sam and the rest of The Teskey Brothers band. The band immediately opened with an upbeat number, taking the single ‘Man Of The Universe’ to bring the members on in style. Josh was at his chipper best and immediately gave the crowd a cheery hello before firing into the song’s opening lyrics.

While the set wasn’t considerably long, they managed to play through many of the favourites, managing ‘Say You’ll Do’, ‘Carry You’, ‘Rain’ and ‘So Caught Up’ throughout the set. Arguably though, the highlight of the set was through the solo driven ‘Louisa’ led emphatically by Josh on the harmonica. This gave Josh the power to introduce the band and give some space to drummer Liam Gough for a thumping solo to finish off the track before the mood was brought down for the closing encore; an acapella variation of ‘Hold Me’.

Josh Teskey

The night was peppered with some stirring solo’s from Sam’s guitar, leaving the crowd breathless on multiple occasions. They also questioned how one can get that kind of tone out of a guitar. This was obvious throughout The Teskey Brother’s cover of the famous INXS track, ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. Giving a brief introduction to the cover and speaking of the meaning the band had for him, Josh Teskey was able to make the song his own with his classic blue’s flair while still managing to pay homage to its original owners; INXS.

Sam Teskey

In The Teskey Brothers understated fashion there was a lot of thank-yous thrown in the direction of the Forum. This was in regards to being able to fit them into a tight schedule that has been flowing with live music of late. The band were truly appreciative and it was clear from the faces of the band members, especially brothers Josh and Sam Teskey that they were just happy to be back up on the Forum stage again.

Overall, the evening was perfect for any fan of music. Not only did it give another glimpse into what makes The Teskey Brothers such a coveted Australian band, but drove home the point that music is finally breathing itself back into the Melbourne nightlife once again.

The Teskey Brothers

As usual, The Teskey Brothers put on a riveting performance alongside the up and coming Mia Wray. Catch Mia at her upcoming single tour along the east coast.

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The Teskey Brothers performed at The Forum Theatre in Melbourne on 21st April 2021.

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