Live Review: The Lumineers + Tyne James Organ, Enmore Theatre, Sydney (22.07.19)

After a couple of stellar Splendour In The Grass sets between both The Lumineers and their opener, Tyne James Organ they were able to back them up again during the only Australian sideshow The Lumineers provided.

Tyne-James Organ was a brilliant opener for The Lumineers, while his sound had an abundance of energy, Tyne-James has always had a connection with his crowd and a heavy sense of emotion that easily draws people in. This energy is something that The Lumineers have flourished on and it was only compounded on Monday night by having such a powerful opener at the Enmore in Tyne-James Organ.

Tyne-James Organ

The Lumineers put on an outstanding show that focused on the favourites and let the fans experience a little of the album to come later this year through some of the released singles on its lead-up. The on-stage six piece started their performance opening into “Sleep On The Floor”.

The first track off of the band’s second album Cleopatra was a great reintroduction for those who hadn’t listened to it for awhile, but that didn’t seem to be the case as their Sydney following were singing the roof off of the Enmore from the start. The Lumineers quickly dove into title track from the same album a beautiful brooding piece before closing the opening salvo on one of their new singles; “Life In The City”.

While lead vocalist and guitarist Wesley Schultz didn’t banter too much through The Lumineers’ performance, he had a definite stage presence and presented in the way of a focused musician relishing in his craft. In fact, this reflected in the whole band as the entire touring six piece were in perfect sync never once erring through the eighty minute set.

Wesley’s voice was a revelation, quickly able to shift between the upbeat highs that go along with “Flowers In Your Hair” or the punchy moments in “Big Parade” to the sombre and heartfelt flow associated with “Slow It Down”. It’s been a dominant reason that The Lumineers have been such a success, along with a long list of well written hits.

Jeremiah Fraites

“Ophelia” was a special moment for the crowd, as through the bridge; as the band started to break it down, Wesley took his first steps off the stage to a vivacious applause. Quickly, the front row came to realise his intention was to come into the crowd, singing his leading chorus lines as he went, most likely giving some ecstatic fans the night of their lives.

After introducing some newer singles from the upcoming album III through “Donna” and “Gloria”, The Lumineers closed the bulk of the set on a powerful rendition of “Stubborn Love”.

It turned into a party, with Wesley and bassist Byron Isaacs managing to coax the crowd into a call and response between the seated gallery and general admission, the rest of the band were behind the energy with touring pianist Stelth Ulvang even getting atop his upright piano to dance.

Wesley Schultz

After a brief walk-off, The Lumineers walked back to stage for a final hurrah tracking through “Walls”. The 2018 single created a wondrous mood through the theatre for a final time as the first and last show of The Lumineers’ sideshow ended on the highest of notes.


Sadly, The Lumineers’ Australia tour started and ended at that show, before heading back over to North America. Hopefully they’ll be coming back soon after the release of upcoming album III.

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