Live Review: Peach PRC at The Triffid, Brisbane (19.05.23)

It’s a sold out all ages show at Brisbane’s Triffid for the final night of Peach PRC‘s Manic Dream Pixie tour. Younger fans take up residence in the mezzanine, overseeing a room filled to the brim with people dressed in myriad shades of pink. Some hold banners, others sport fairy wings, all seem fit to burst with anticipation. The venue might only hold a few hundred people, but the energy in the room feels more akin to a stadium sized pop concert.

From the moment Peach PRC takes the stage, the Manic Dream Pixie show is a pastel pink delight, flying through a setlist that includes old favourites, recent EP releases, and well-received covers. And it isn’t just TikTok favourites like “God Is A Freak” and “Loved You Before” that garner huge enthusiasm from the appropriately attired crowd, with everything from first single “Blondes” to the heartfelt “Heavy” getting the same treatment. That Enrique Iglesias’ “Escape” gets the response it did is telling – a TikTok from Peach PRC lamenting the fact that no one at a recent show seemed to know the song likely led to a surge in Google searches for the lyrics.

Fully embracing her Barbie-meets-fairy-princess aesthetic in a pink leotard, towering heels, and stunning fairy wings, Peach PRC is a vibrant celebration of femininity, queerness, and community. A fan project involving audience members raising paper hearts with “You’re our favourite person” printed on them during the opening bars of “Favourite Person” seems to genuinely move her, and its a testament to the dedicated following she’s built with her delightfully open persona, thoughtful lyricism, and addictive pop music.

There’s signs of the sickness that will lay her low when the tour adrenaline fades, but Peach PRC carries on regardless. And with a rapt audience all too eager to fill in and scream every word to every song, why wouldn’t she? And that’s rather the thing – amidst the sea of pink, glitter, and fairy wings, you can’t quite escape the fact that there’s something special happening here, something that speaks to a rising pop stardom that might only have been possible thanks to some well timed TikTok earworms and a genuinely engaging personality. Don’t be surprised if this is the last time you’re able to scream “Fuck off, stop calling me, Josh!” in a venue this size.


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Peach PRC’s Manic Dream Pixie EP is out now. Find it on your favourite streaming service HERE.

Jodie Sloan

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