Live Review: Gung Ho – Rocket Bar, Adelaide (22.02.13)

When I expressed a desire to see Brisbane based band Gung Ho last month I was unemployed and suffering from a severe case of post holiday blues with nothing but spare time with a need for free entertainment. By the time the 22nd had finally rolled around I’d just finished my first week of full time employment after seven months off and wanted nothing more than to collapse in bed and stay there for the duration of the weekend.

Cranky and exhausted, I reluctantly began the long commute into the city to face the crowds of burly meat heads and scantily clad teenage girls that infest Hindley street. For those not in the know, Hindley street is the slutty part of town that is awash with an odd mix of strip clubs and shisha bars that sell yiros because Adelaidians apparently don’t do kebabs and a pint is actually schooner that will still cost you $8 a pop.

I met a few friends across town for pre gig drinks to steel myself up to the task of facing the clientele at Rocket Bar, which turned into quite the session. By the time I sat down at the back of the bandroom the world had started to spin at an alarming speed and Gung Ho had already taken the stage. A few songs in I found myself wanting to stand up and bop around. The boys play with a reckless swagger and conviction that managed to infiltrate the tired, alcohol haze I was enshrouded in.

Gung Ho are a fun act who gave the performance their all in spite of the fact that they were playing to a half empty room. The lads play jovial tunes that are good for the drunken dance times and for a small moment in time they made me forget about my aching feet and heavy eyelids, hell they even made me forget about the handsy dickhead who was trying to grind on my thigh as I stood entranced by the lights and music, losing myself in their sweet indie sounds.

By the end of the set I’d decided Gung Ho were rad and quickly ran off to drink at an establishment that doesn’t play top 40 style R ‘n’ B after the bands. Here’s hoping next time they come to town they’ll play in a venue where I’m more likely to leave unmolested by random strangers on the dancefloor.