Live Review: Foxx on Fire + Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party – RAOB GAB Buffalo Club (21.01.12)

There were only a handful of punters present to witness Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party warming the stage, which was probably for the best as the disappointing work from the sound desk made their set much worse then it otherwise would have been.

The band opened with “A Fever” and the sound mix that included distortion and washed out vocals was immediately off putting. This coupled with their lack of presence and Hawk’s vocals that could be heard sounding terribly off key pretty much destroyed whatever hope I had for an enjoyable set.

Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party have some well penned tunes up their sleeves, but they have a long way to go with their live performance. Even without taking the technical problems into consideration the band members themselves didn’t emote well. They looked bored onstage and made little effort to engage with the people who had turned up to see them play. Here’s hoping they’ll be better next time around.

Foxx on Fire washed away the badness with an electric show that was thrilling from beginning to end. Fortunately, the sound was much better during their set, however the vocals were barely audible for the first half of the performance. This did little to take away from the fantastical fun times that is Foxx on Fire live.

It’s been a long time since the boys have played locally and fortunately they still kick arse onstage. This is a band that knows how to entertain. Their melodies are well constructed and sound better live then they do on record. They have an immensely fun presence and managed to get the entire crowd down the front grooving along to their new tunes from their March Into The Sun EP.

Foxx on Fire had the audience eating out of the palms of their hands as they cajoled us to sit on the floor and then jump around wildly as they went off, obviously having a blast playing their new tunes to a hometown crowd. Go see them play while they’re still in Aus. Foxx on Fire’s live shows are so good they’ll inspire you to get naked and sweaty and jump around in a blissful carefree daze.