Live Review: Damn Terran + Chicks Who Love Guns – The Old Bar (28.04.12)

  • Kat Mahina
  • May 1, 2012
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Walking into the venue to have my ears assaulted by a punk cover of Dido wasn’t the best introduction to Sydney based group Chicks Who Love Guns. The band of larrikins seemed to have some hardcore groupies in the crowd, and to their credit they had a fun presence, but their music was not to my taste; their songs all sounded the same, and their front man lacked the cocky bravado necessary to pull off the vibe they were aiming for.

Moving right along to Damn Terran, who lured in a hefty crowd and deftly held their attention for the duration of their set. Frontman Lachlan Ewbank and bassist Ali Edmonds thrash around on stage like people possessed – completely entrenched in their sound. The heat inside Old Bar had the crowd in a sweaty mess, and even the photographers ended up shirtless in the front row, as Damn Terran unleashed their personal brand of mayhem upon the eager punters.

Highlights included killer renditions of “Death Of Me”, and their new single “Rebels”, and in spite of a few technical difficulties with the guitar toward the end of the set, the trio put on a ripper show, cementing their place as one of the best live bands in this city, with their intense energy and ferocious sound damn near ripping the venue in two.

Damn Terran kick arse live, and never fail to deliver an adrenalin fuelled show, ending with blood on the guitars and empties strewn across the floor. Their 7” single launch was a grand night out. Support your local talent and go see them live. You won’t regret it.