Live Review: Bhad Bhabie + DJ Busy – Enmore Theatre, Sydney (09.12.18)

Bhad Bhabie, otherwise known as Danielle Bregoli, otherwise known as “cashmeousiiiiide howboudat” girl, did not disappoint her tasteless brand as she played the Enmore Theatre stage.

Opening act, DJ Busy, warmed up the crowd with well-known club tunes ranging from XXXTentacion to Cardi B. The tween audience was absolutely vibing it. In my opinion, the set lacked originality but hey, I’m not a DJ opening for Bhad Bhabie.

Before Bhabie graced the stage, her personal DJ and hype-woman bounced around, making sure the crowd was ready for what they were about to get themselves into. But it was the ‘back-up rapper’ who really stole the show. This girl had MOVES! She dominated the stage even before Bhabie had stepped foot on it – your eyes were constantly drawn to her effortless groove and bouncing hair. I would not be surprised if she has her own stardom in the works!

Soon enough, the vibrant red hair paired with a crop top and gym tights that is Bhad Bhabie arrived. You know what, kudos to her. This girl is 15 and damn does she have confidence! Although her brand is trashy and impudent, she knows her audience and she definitely sold it. Every move, every word, every flick of her fake nails screamed BHAD BHABIE and I must congratulate the marketing of her identity. I had an inkling of what the night would look like and it was served fresh and hot.

Famously known for running her mouth, you can bet that her stage banter was just that. In between her songs she spouted lines of rubbish including beef with other rap artists and fighting them, “If I don’t do it, I’m a pussy. If I do do it, I’m un-classy – whatever the dumb poor b****h said I am…”

The night mainly consisted of Bhabie walking across stage while spitting her mumble raps, carried underneath by the ‘back-up rapper’. There was nothing special added to enhance the show, except for gun fires at the conclusion of each song, just to make sure the audience knew the song was over. That was a first.

The major downfall of the evening was her encore, which was poorly signalled as it felt like she never left the stage. She sang ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ and suddenly she was gone. It was possibly the most unremarkable end to a concert I have seen, so much so I didn’t even realise it was over and a lot of people in the mosh were in the same boat.

All in all, I would say that the night was just so bhad it was good – almost like a guilty pleasure. However, if you’re after proper talent, you won’t find it here. All you’ll see is the fading flame of 15 minutes of fame.


Bhad Babie continues her tour in Melbourne on 12th December. For more details head to Frontier Touring.

Tait McGregor


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