Leone Western / Foragers – Little Love (2011 EP)

Local minimalist pop duo Leone Western have teamed up with Simone Gustafsson who plays under the moniker Foragers to release a split EP entitled Little Love. The project opens with three Leone Western tracks that show a slight improvement from their earlier work.

The synth based melodies are more structured and refined however Leone Western‘s music still falls short with a combination of jarring vocal work and over-simplified arrangements that are dangerously bland. The music would greatly benefit from more layers as the sound is at times too bare and the lyrical content is neither deep or beguiling.

“Don’t Fall” is the highlight of Leone Western’s contribution to Little Love. The song builds slowly to a soft climax of multiple layers of sound that gives the tune a sense of richness that is lacking in “Golden Girl” and “Make Believe”. The vocals are noticeably different with a polished sound that soars above the pretty synth melodies.

The tone of the EP changes with the introduction to Foragers upbeat electronic arrangements. The music isn’t instantly loveable but Gustafsson’s gentle beats have a certain charm that is heightened by her ‘heart-on-sleeve’ style vocals.

The three songs presented by Foragers all explore a similar sound that at times come across like the soundtrack to an eighties computer game, but on the whole her music is bright, vibrant and fun. The bass on “Take A Chance” is great, as is the tropical feel of catchy dance worthy track “Can’t Stop Counting”

The Little Love EP is by no means stunning, but it is a solid release from two local acts who are continually evolving and shaping their sound. The EP can be listened to and purchased from Foragers band camp site.

Review Score: 6.5/10