Kingswood throws Pop-Up Pizza parties ahead of release of new album Juveniles

March 13th may be a Friday, but there’s only good news coming our way. Highly acclaimed Kingswood, the Melbourne-born rock band, are releasing their third studio album Juveniles and kickstarting their national tour, visiting all the capital cities and a few more, including Geelong, Bunbury and Devonport. Kingswood is one of those bands that truly understand how to hold a performance, amplifying the crowd’s energy and reminding them of the importance of light-hearted banter, crowd-surfing and Queen-inspired dance moves. It’s no wonder that their fans keep coming back for more!

In preparation for their tour, Pop-Up Pizza Parties will be thrown by the band, giving fans a chance to snag some merch over free pizza and beer.

The dates for these are as follows: – all are slated for 7pm-11pm. It’s free entry, with the boys on the decks.
Cry Baby, Adelaide, Thursday 5th March
Leo’s By The Slice, Melbourne, Friday 6th March
Frankie’s, Sydney, Saturday 7th March

You will also have the opportunity to buy a physical copy of the new album before it’s official release – although we’ve already gotten a taste with ‘If Only’, an energised and refreshing song exploring the intensity of youth and desire. It’s always a pleasure to see the growth and development of a band, with Kingswood being no exception. They gained popularity with their well-loved hit ‘Golden’, a soulful song with a grooving bassline, exploring the deep thrill of new and intense intimacy, and maintained it with hits like ‘Creeping’ and ‘Messed It Up’. The group even appeared on triple J’s Like A Version with their cover of ‘Say My Name’.

If you’d like to hear the band say your name in real life, visit their pop-up pizza parties. Otherwise, get ready to stream and dance to an album that will undoubtedly have raw vocals and strong grooves. If you’d like to see their music live, dust off your dancing shoes and pick up a ticket to a Kingswood gig near you. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Daniela Koulikov

At the age of three, Daniela Koulikov picked up a pen, and hasn’t put it down since. She loves live music, interviewing artists and reviewing events in Melbourne. When she's not out and about in the live music scene, she's walking her dog or taking her friends with her on a hike.