Ivy League Spring Break Party feat. Cloud Control – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (17.9.10)


There is no structure to this review. Time is not a constant or linear thing, it is disjointed and re-arranged as my brain pieces the night back together. Some might even claim the following is a social commentary. You’ll get used to it.

Returning from a food break to re-partake in IVY LEAGUE fun times at Goodgod Small Club I noted two girls throwing out some sweet tantalising harmonies. This was the happy fun times brought to us by Alpine. A set full of grinding guitars and an aura of frivolity that I wanted more of. It was a big change of pace from when I departed the gig to fill my stomach. People had actually started to participate in the evening. You see, at the start of the evening, Wons Phreely played enthusiastically to an unreceptive crowd. There was a barrier that cordoned off the band from the people. This was the dance floor. I’m not one to criticise people for not dancing so early in the night, but the vast empty space between performer and audience was saddening. You don’t have to dance, but let’s not segregate the band from their audience. It’s not their fault they were first on the menu. Having said that I didn’t venture into the desolate gap, so I’m also to blame.

I’m not sure how this void was breached but this hollow sadness was filled with bodies upon my return. It may have been the work of one daring trendy individual looking for an edge in an increasingly judgemental world, or maybe it was the vibrant energy thrown out by two chicks and a band aka Alpine. It was quite a different sound to Wons Phreely. The boys who started the occasion were throwing out songs worthy of a place in a Packed To The Rafters soundtrack. The perfect backing sounds for a nostalgic moment where some reflective montage is fading through a family fun theme. That’s not a pay-out. I think. It sounded clean and crisp while Alpine was crunchy and filled with beautiful chunky pouches of energy.

Catcall embraced the stage to increase the sexual vibe that was emanated by the Alpine girls. Firstly, I’ve never seen a bass sunglasses combo quite so good. That girl was so laid back she would break a lie low. More importantly, the layered sounds pouring from Catcall were quite intimidating. As a result of echoes and an abundance of reverb I counted about 14 distinct vocal layers at one point and found that a little overwhelming. There were some beautiful glittering synth lines from way back when life had heaps more rainbows and fairy bread. However, most impressive were the moves being thrown down. Like an aural form that ascended from beneath the ground, Catcall was on a shape throwing mission. Result? A brilliant set filled with smiles.

Bit of a rant coming up now. What the hell? Cabins started with something like 45 minutes of tuning, bashing and molesting their equipment before breaking into a song. Possibly it was my mind-set at the time but I was not enjoying it. This was followed by an abundance of noise created by effects affected by a mutated effect. Shit just melted together, but not in a productive metallic hardening alloy way, more like an amalgamation of a monster truck and a goose. I think I was just a bit confused with my brain space and the noise that was being pumped out rather than the clear sound I was expecting. But this eventually ended. It wasn’t a bad set, I just wasn’t in the mood for that much distorted grizzle.

Oh Cloud Control. I’ve heard so much, but never witnessed the occasion live. I enjoyed muchly. It was all fun and games with an extra dose of enthusiasm that had the crowd moving. It was a great set, dancing was had, sing-a-longs were sung and a bounty of smiles was shared. Cloud Control stole the show, which I guess was inevitable but oh so welcome. The sound and the atmosphere thrived in the underground joy of Goodgod in a most charming manner. It was great finish to an awesome night. And IVY LEAGUE should be proud as punch.