Into the Woods to launch 'Where the River Meets the Sea' with The Bon Scotts and Ainslie Wills

After a very successful release a few weeks ago, Into the Woods launch their single ‘Where The River Meets The Sea’ at Melbourne’s Toff in Town on the 23rd July with friends, The Bon Scotts and Ainslie Wills.

The song has been getting radio attention from all over Australia including national broadcaster Triple J, and reviews of the song are starting to emerge with Beat Magazine calling it “a lovely web of sound”.

The Song

Evoking the textured vocals of Fleet Foxes and the reverb-heavy offerings of an Ennio Morricone soundtrack, ‘Where The River Meets The Sea’ is the debut single from Melbourne five-piece, Into the Woods.

Working with Headgap Studio Engineer/Producer Neil Thomason (Wagons, Crayon Fields, Kes Band) Into the Woods have crafted an affecting folk rock song that builds from sparse, harmony-laden beginnings into a powerful crescendo that captures the very essence of the band’s sound.

The Band

Housed under the broad banner of indie-rock, Into the Woods don’t like to be pinned down. There are elements of 60s pop that recall The Stranglers or The Zombies, nods to the americana of Wilco and hints of the way The Beatles and The Doors incorporated jazz and psychedelic ideas into the pop paradigm. It’s the type of music that instantly hooks you in, without revealing all of its secrets on the first listen.

Lyrically, the songs consider morality, mortality, lust and identity; all of this informed by a love of music where the words still matter. Formed as aldous’ inklings in 2006 and morphing to become Into the Woods in 2009, the five-piece has played with some of Australia’s finest including Little Red, Institut Polaire, The Bon Scotts and Khancoban.

The band has graced many of Melbourne’s finest venues including The East Brunswick Club, The Tote and The Empress, and has played capacity shows at The Toff in Town and Cherry Bar.

Songs from their first EP received national airplay on Triple J, as well as getting attention from a number of community radio stations around the country.

“If this is one of the sounds of a new decade, we can live with that…”
– Drum Media

“‘Where The River Meets The Sea’, the final track played for the night, with chugging guitar rhythms and vocal harmonies woven together to tell a story the way true folk songs should”.
– Faster Louder

“The all male band’s strength lies in their numbers; sporting several vocalists and a number of multi-instrumentalists they are able to craft a very rich palette of sound”
– Rave Magazine

Into the Woods (Single Launch)

Saturday 23rd July
with The Bon Scotts and Ainslie Wills
The Toff in Town, Melbourne