Interview: Yb. on “DANCE WITH ME TODAY”, type beats and Tom Misch


Yb. is Brisbane’s next big thing. And considering the track record of the city, he’s about to be huge.

The recent writing rooms and nods of industry are a testament to his trajectory, with Touch Sensitive, Winston Surfshirt and Stevan all jumping at the chance to collaborate and the likes of Tom Misch sliding into his DMs to pick Yb.’s brains about his music. He’s also got a co-sign with Snakehips on the horizon, making him an artist you want to have under your pulse.

“I’ve had so many of my idols follow me,” he says. “[…] just all these artists that I really, really mess with just started following me back this year. And it’s like, I’m DOING things now! I’m finally climbing! It feels great,”

His style spans the genres of funk, rap, gospel, disco and afro beats, making him a versatile talent to be reckoned with. His latest offering “DANCE WITH ME TODAY” keeps the ball well in the air as he creates a liberating groove that’ll kick you back up when you’re feeling down and quite literally have you dancing.

We caught up ahead of its release to talk about his humble beginnings, his musical siblings, collaborating with big acts and writing over type beats.

Yb.’s latest single “DANCE WITH ME TODAY” is OUT NOW.

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Tait McGregor


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