Interview: Wallows on childhood, unreleased tracks and Tell Me That It’s Over.

Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston make up the Los Angeles-based band Wallows – indie-rockers with a cult following, who first met around the tender ages of 11, and have recently celebrated the release of their sophomore album Tell Me That It’s Over.

For the trio, there’s an impressive history to reflect on as they tour the United States (including a famed Coachella spot), before embarking on dates to Australia, Europe, and the UK.

“Yesterday, when Dylan was on the drums and I was on guitar, we were playing through our old songs we wrote when we were like 14 just for fun and… it’s just always funny. It’s like, ‘Oh shit. We were playing kick on the street and here we are right here. Here we are today,'” said Braeden.

Tell Me That It’s Over plants the band in the big leagues of the post-punk rock scene, with bright “sunny” guitar  juxtaposed with often cutting, lyrics.

It’s this lyricism that Dylan points out as a highlight across their album; particularly in the brutally honest track “That’s What I Get”, penned by Braeden about the tapping out of parties at the end of a relationship’s course.

“I remember hearing the demo for the first time and I was like, this is the best chorus that Braeden’s ever sang. Like these lyrics are… I was like, this hook is amazing,” said Dylan of key moments across the collection.

Fortunately for fans, Wallows are already looking forward to the next body of work, counting the possibility of yet-to-be-released music slipping into their live shows, alongside their audience-choice track and a ‘best of’ setlist for Australian fans come November.

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Wallows’ new album Tell Me That It’s Over is OUT NOW.

Tell Me That It’s Over Tour Dates

Sat 05 Nov, 2022 | Auckland Town Hall |  Auckland, NZ
Tue 08 Nov, 2022 | Forum Theatre | Melbourne, VIC
Thu 10 Nov, 2022 | Hordern Pavilion | Sydney, NSW
Fri 11 Nov, 2022 | The Fortitude Music Hall | Brisbane, QLD

Tickets are available HERE

Main image credit: Anthony Pham

Tait McGregor