Interview: Tia Gostelow (AUS) on her impressive year ahead, her debut album and dream collabs.

Tia Gostelow is the epitome of “hard work pays off”. At just 19-years-old, the singer-songwriter has already secured numerous accolades that Aussie artists spend years chasing: currently six high-rotation songs on Triple J, their Feature Album of the Week and a Like A Version artist.

She’s also snagged herself a worldwide publishing deal, been nominated for a handful of Queensland Music Awards, recently played Falls Festival and is now heading off to SXSW. All this whilst also launching her own independent record label – Lovely Records.

With her momentum only ramping up, Tia is one of the strongest ‘breakthrough artists’ to watch this year. I was fortunate enough to steal some of her precious time to chat about her big year ahead in anticipation of her Thick Skins Album Tour.

You’ve had a phenomenal past 12 months – What’s been the highlight thus far?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing to be honest, but playing Falls Festival was huge and was definitely a goal of mine for a while!

2019 is looking equally as huge! You’re touring Australia, heading to the US in March for SXSW, a UK/Europe tour lined up for later this year, plus opening for Ball Park Music. Where are you most excited to play? How does playing to international crowds differ to home?

I’m so excited for all of the above, it’s actually insane to think that that’s what my year is consisting of so far! I’m excited to play to international crowds because it’s something I’ve never done before which is also quite daunting.

I’m equally as excited for the Ball Park tour – they’re one of my favourite bands and are the nicest bunch of humans I’ve ever met so I’m excited to head out on this monstrous tour with them and to places I’ve never been as well!

Let’s talk about growing up in Queensland. Has your regional childhood influenced your music in any way?

I don’t think it has to be honest, I feel like growing up regionally has definitely influenced my personality and characteristics in the way that I feel like I always need to remember where I come from and remain humble. Staying grounded is a huge thing for me and I owe that to how I was raised and where I was raised.

Brisbane is a melting pot of musical talent at the moment – are there any locals you’re hoping to collaborate with?

Brisbane is full of insane talent! I would definitely love to collab with Tim Nelson (Cub Sport), Golden Vessel, Eves Karydas, Sam Cromack (Ball Park), the list goes on!

Your highly anticipated debut album Thick Skin reflects on your high school experience, particularly with unsupportive friends. What advice would you give to young musicians in a similar period of growth?

I think it’s important to remember that it’s your career and if it’s really what you want to do, then put 110% in to making it happen. Separate yourself from the things that seem toxic and focus on making this career a reality and eventually you’ll be surrounded by people with the same interests and that support you all the way.

Is there a song on the album that is most important to you?

I think that would have to be ‘Hunger’. I wrote ‘Hunger’ at a time when I was feeling pretty angry and upset and I think it portrays my emotions very well. I also had the help of some of my favourite females in the industry, Hannah Field and Liz Drummond, to write it. It was kind of like a little dream come true to write with them so this song will always be special.

Best of luck with your busy year, Tia, and I hope you find time to put your feet up!

Thank you so much!


Thick Skin is available now. Tia Gostelow continues her Thick Skins Album Tour in Yeppoon on February 16. For more information and tickets, head to her official site HERE. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Sat 16 February | Strand Hotel | Yeppoon
Sun 17 February | Mojo | Mackay
Sat 23 February | The Lansdowne | Sydney
Sun 24 February | North Gong Hotel | Wollongong
Fri 1 March | The Zoo | Brisbane
Sat 2 March | Sol Bar | Maroochydore

Tait McGregor