Interview: Thundamentals (AUS) on a unique listening experience and Beer InCider Festival.

Thundamentals are true to their name; they’re fundamentally mental in the best of ways. Not only do they hustle out a relentless stream of tunes that absolutely slap, they’re always rearranging songs for a live set, collaborating with equally as talented artists or working on their own side projects. They simply never stop and quite frankly, we’re not complaining.

Coming up on their already busy schedules is Brisbane’s Beer InCider Experience and to celebrate, we caught up with Thundie’s very own Tuka to touch base about his recent personal releases, the Thundamental live experience and his beverage of choice.

Hey Tuka, how are you? Where are you right now?

I’m currently in Glebe NSW sitting, listening to G Flip‘s album!

First up, congrats on “F*ck You Pay Me” – super exciting to see you come out with some solo music and getting back to some OG rap. Have you got a timeline for a full body of work?

Thank you! I actually just released a new song since then called “Selling Me Out”. These are an A/B side kind of release, I’ve never released a single like that before so it was fun to do something new in that respect. It’s looking like a solo album and at this stage it will drop first half of next year!

Last time we spoke Thundies, we chatted about your collab with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to bring I Love Songs: A Night At The Symphony alive. How was that experience?

TBH, it was one of the most surreal and humbling gigs! We had an absolute blast. It was mind blowing to have that kind of opportunity. We felt very loved that night.

I see you’re also doing a stripped-back night at Sydney’s Factory Theatre – you’re really treating fans to different listening experiences!

Yeah, we just want to add value to our music, it was our only Sydney show of the year, so we wanted to do something cool for it. THE SHOW SOLD OUT IN 48 HOURS! People seem to really dig the stripped back vibe, it was fun and challenging to do. We might need to tour that show at some stage, I reckon.

Tell us your thoughts behind mixing up the way you perform your music for your fans?

Again, it’s all about adding value to our core following, they are so supportive of us, so we just want to give them something more than they were expecting. We really love our fans so going out of our way to put together a cool show was the least we could do!

Do you have an on-stage beverage go-to when you perform? What are we drinking?

Just water haha, but I got tanked on Jameson after the show. First time I’d drunk anything in three months! Ouchy.

What else is coming up in the near future for the Thundies that we can look forward to?

We have a select few shows left this year, then I think we might start looking at booking some overseas gigs! Then new
music I guess!

Cheers guys and best of luck!

Thank you guys! love your work

Thundamentals will be playing Beer InCider Experience (20 & 21 September) from 8:45pm at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Friday, 20 September. Third release tickets on sale – catch them while you still can here.

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