Interview: The Soul Movers on Evolution, Sherbet and life post-Wiggles

The Soul Movers. Credit: Dani Hansen

The Soul Movers are aptly named for their body-driven music that will have any seated crown writhing in their seats. Fronted by Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook (aka the original red Wiggle), the group combine electrifying guitar riffs with 60s soul groove and a sprinkling of pop to form a night that audiences could never forget.

Their latest offering, Evolution, doesn’t drop the ball. With the help of Garth Porter and Tony Mitchell of Sherbet to create TSM’s high energy escapes, the album is a tasty collection of surprise and delight.

I sat down with Murray and Lizzie to talk about Evolution. We chat about how their background as teachers has shaped their live performances, what it was like to record in the USA, and life post-Wiggles.


Evolution is OUT NOW!

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Main image credit: Dani Hansen

Tait McGregor


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