Interview: Sweater Curse’s Monica talks all things music ahead of the release of their debut EP See You

Sweater Curse are a Brisbane band who have had a large jump in notoriety in recent times, thanks in part to their unique blend of pop and rock, and emotive, dense and beautiful songs. Ahead of the release of their debut EP See You on March 1st, the band’s lead singer and bassist Monica spoke to us about how the last few months have played out for this up-and-coming band.

The band’s inception began with the recording of a few loose songs and no set vision for what was to come. But, after some time Sweater Curse shifted their vision to focus on really cementing themselves in their scene. Monica credits this local Brisbane scene for allowing the band to grow and develop. “People were really supportive of us in our local scene early on,” explained Monica, with that support giving the band the leg up they needed to find a strong audience for their music.

There is a multimedia aspect to the release of See You, with a vinyl pressing on the way, as well as a number of pieces of album artwork provided by Seamus Platt, making it a very extensive project for a debut release from a band, but the level of planning and attention to detail is remarkable. Monica recounted the process of working with artists like Platt and Jen Embleton (who provided visual assistance for the video for “(Hear You)” one of the singles from the project) as one in which there was full involvement from the band, who painstakingly ensured the release was structured in the way that best fit their intentions.

The full band mentality of everyone having a partial and significant involvement in the artistic process wasn’t just reserved for artwork or visuals either. When asked about how the band manages to draw from so many reference points and genres, Monica explained that each band member draws from many different influences, including pop, alternative rock and heavier elements like shoegaze, and that each member found their own personal favourite niches in the respective genres. You need only listen to the EP to notice that the contained songs blend together well and showcase the real mix of the interests each member of Sweater Curse brought to the writing process.

When asked about what the rise in engagement and audience band means for the band, Monica shed light on her own new experience. One where Monica has begun to “form perspectives [she] hadn’t initially though of” through the different interpretations and opinions of the fans who are consuming their content. This is something we discussed this at length, with the band’s music videos, such as the one released for “(Hear You)”, having been interpreted a number of different ways by their fans. This is a testament to the depth of the band’s music, as they can start conversations about the different aspects and themes they deal with so well.

If you were looking for a quick turnaround from EP to something longer, you might be disappointed. According to Monica after touring the new EP, the band will be looking to take a “minute and write and rejuvenate”, but that they “are all really keen to keep writing, producing, and putting music out.” So who knows?

With the EP on its way and plenty of tours ahead, now is definitely the right time to be listening to Sweater Curse. Their music has immense character and appeal, and they’re only just getting started.

See You is released March 1st. The band will be playing the Farmer & The Owl Festival this weekend. For more information and to purchase tickets head HERE. You can also find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.