Interview: Still Woozy on If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is, his wedding & feelings.

Portland-based Still Woozy is at the forefront of the psychedelic pop scene, with an ability to create lush production that’ll have listeners hearing a new layer on every listen. He combines his carnival sound with a mixture of melancholy and rambunctiousness, creating a dichotic world of emotions which he relates to the feeling of airports.

“Something about airports always makes me feel emotionally vulnerable. I don’t know what it is, if it’s coming and going and leaving something behind… I was at the airport with my headphones on listening to music and kind of feeling the feelings that are like under my throat, but not letting them like… There’s a way to access them and still be present instead of closing everything off,” he said of his tone of music.

As well as reaching a debut album milestone, Still Woozy has recently reached a personal milestone of getting engaged to his partner and creative ally, Ami. Woozy is certainly in the thick of wedding planning, as we hit the road with him to check out a potential venue for the big day – be prepared, the chat goes a little haywire!

Check out the full interview with Still Woozy below:

If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is is OUT NOW.

Tait McGregor