Interview: Sloan Peterson on being a rebel teen, religious faith and strange nightmares.

Sloan Peterson is your nostalgic 60s- 70s-infused pop dream (if her Ferris Bueller moniker didn’t already tip you off).

It’s a new era for Peterson, having recently inked a deal with Warner Music to begin what she’s calling “Sloan 2.0”. Her debut single with the label, “Nightmare”, has given us an insight into what to expect from this dark pop project: it’s assertive, it’s venomous and it’s very catchy.

Sloan is traversing a poppier sound than her rock roots, oozing an alluring quality over Andy Hopkin‘s large production. She’s vintage-dripped and dangerously edged, on a trail-blazing path to soaring success.

We caught up with Sloan to chat about her unlikely journey to where she is now.

“Nightmare” is OUT NOW.

Image credit: Joe Brennan.

Tait McGregor