Interview: renforshort talks Off Saint Dominique, being a bad student, and Linkin Park

Toronto’s renforshort cracked the big time with her independent release “mind games” in 2019, off her debut EP Teenage Angst. The collection’s release through the early pandemic captured listeners again with singles “i drive me mad” and “fuck, i luv my friends“, solidifying the young singer-songwriter as one of the most exciting to watch.

It’s been a quick rise to widespread reverence, with her songs pulling listeners in with their frank lyrics and multi-genred sound. She’s followed up her debut with Off Saint Dominique EP – a collection of alt-pop songs commenting on millennial culture, longing, unattainable love and fake personalities.

We sat down to discuss the release, her schooling years, lying to parents, and her musical brothers, as well as which celebrities have been lurking in her inbox over the past year.

Off Saint Dominique is OUT NOW.

Tait McGregor