Interview: Press Club’s Natalie Foster reflects on her European injury while at Reeperbahn; talks the “joy” of Wasted Energy

Last month, Melbourne rockers Press Club were travelling around Europe, and lead singer Natalie Foster suffered an injury during their set. They powered through – but by the end of the tour, the hardened musician was forced to cancel the band’s final show of their European tour, in the city of Groningen, Netherlands. We sat down to talk to the band a few days before that cancellation, backstage at The Aussie BBQ at Reeperbahn, which takes place every year in the Germany city of Hamburg.

Natalie and the band talk through how they played through the pain, and how the shows in Europe have gone – sweat dripping off the ceiling and all.

As our chat continued, we talked about the band’s touring and industry festival tips, with them reflecting on how many more opportunities there are for touring in Europe than Australia. Though they’re excited to be playing a lot of cities in Australia for the first time, on their upcoming run of Wasted Energy shows. We also talk about Larry David. And getting their second record out into the world, Natalie telling us, “I fucking love this record, every part of this record has been a joy.”

Wasted Energy is out now. Head to the Press Club Facebook Page for more details on the record, and their upcoming Australian tour, which kicks off in Canberra on the 31st of October, and runs through December in Perth.

Photo by Rebecca Houlden.

Larry Heath

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