Interview: Mason Watts on “Enough’s Enough”, heartbreak and working with Sheppard

With just three singles under his belt, Mason Watts is one of the most exciting pop up-and-comers in the Australian industry at this moment. His heart-wrenching vocals have already scored him commercial radio plays as well as opening for the likes of Missy HigginsDami Im and Lime Cordiale,plus over 500K streams on Spotify.

His latest offering, “Enough’s Enough“, is a piano-driven pop ballad that sees Watts address a deteriorating relationship.

“When I first started writing “Enough’s Enough” I was overwhelmed with emotions; I found myself conflicted in deciding the fate of a failing relationship. The song brings out that internal battle of loving someone who you’re constantly fighting with and who is treating you poorly, whilst also identifying the pain involved with leaving a person who, despite everything you still love,” he said.

We caught up with the Toowoomba singer to talk about his release, touring with iconic acts and finding the right producer.

Enough’s Enoughby Mason Watts is out now.

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Tait McGregor