Interview: KLP on “Venus x Mars”, touring and her pregnancy announcement!

Kristy Lee Peters (KLP) released a new spacey, house single “Venus x Mars” at the end of September which is said to be a look in at a bigger body of work on its way! In the meantime, KLP is back on tour, laying down some filth behind the decks and showcasing her poppy vocals.

KLP is everywhere in Australian music, producing, DJing, singing, hosting House Party on Triple J and actively working to encourage other females in the industry.  Next year she will be doing it all with a little human by her side, announcing her pregnancy on Instagram two weeks ago.

With such a mountain of things going on, KLP still generously had a chat with us about the future of her music, life on tour, her track with superstars Skrillex and What So Not, the importance of Triple J and what to expect from her first time performance at Lost Paradise.

You are touring on the back of your most recent single “Venus x Mars.” How have you found the response to be for the track and what can you tell us about its origins?

The response has been great – this track is a little more dance heavy which is taking me back to my roots and it feels good! I wrote it with another Aussie writer Xavier Dunn. We came up with it in a day and didn’t think too much about the sound or genre – we just had fun and that was the end result.

Is this single an idea of the sort of music to come?

Absolutely! So much more dance music to come!

What has the tour been like so far?

Tour life is amazing and keeps you on your toes because one week is never the same as the one before – but it can also be really lonely as I travel a lot by myself. I try to take friends around with me as much as possible or meet up with people I know in each city. I’m lucky I also really enjoy my own company and it gives me space to think and come up with plans!

Your collaboration with Skrillex and What So Not, “GOH” has quite the history behind it. It was first played out live in 2014 and the hype was huge but wasn’t released until last year on What so Not’s album Not All The Beautiful Things. What was the story behind the release and tell me about collaborating with huge artists like Skrillex and What So Not.

Collaborations like that are kind of funny because you come up with the idea but then you have no clue what is the latest as far as releasing the track. I would have people tagging me in videos of both Skrillex and What So Not playing it at shows or on the radio and everyone would ask me when it was coming out – but I had no idea! It’s great it finally made it’s way out into the universe properly now – it goes hard!

You are a jack of all trades! What are the conflicts and benefits of being a radio host while assumedly trying to get your own music radio play at the same time?

Haha – well you’ve got it in one – it’s a real conflict of interest. I never sought after doing radio, I was actually approached by Triple J and of course I was so excited for the opportunity to host a radio show. It has been a little side step to being able to focus and be known for purely my own music though.

You have been the host of Triple J’s House Party for a while now! Triple J undoubtedly paves the way for new Australian artists and plays a huge role in the success of artists. What do you think Australian music would be like without Triple J and what is hosting a segment like?

Triple J does great things for artists in Australia – however for me personally I try to remember that there are plenty of places in the world that don’t know the triple j exists, and lots of artists and bands that are successfuly without radio play. It’s easy to compare yourself to others but everyone has their own journey. The show I host HOUSE PARTY is more about good party vibes as opposed to really making or breaking artists – I leave that to the others that do it full time!

Your music has an electronic base often layered with your own vocals. Your poppy sound means even people not in to EDM/trap/house music can enjoy it. Is appealing to a wide audience something you attempt to do, and can you see yourself ever producing some really heavy electronic tracks?

So much more of my music coming is a lot more electronic – hang tight!

You are playing at Lost Paradise this New Years. What are you expecting from the festival and will your set be similar to your current tour, or can we expect something new?

I’ve never been to Lost Paradise before so I am pretty keen to see what goes down there. Around Christmas and New years the vibe at shows and festivals is usually pretty electric in Australia – we all live for summer.

And finally, congratulations on your pregnancy announcement! How has your pregnancy changed your touring life (if at all?), and what does life hold once your baby is born?

Thank you! It hasn’t changed anything yet. I‘ve really tried to stay fit and healthy throughout and exercise – it keeps my body and mind feeling strong and it helps with the late nights and travel. I’m a pretty determined person so once the baby is born, I’m going to be doing everything I can to nail all my roles to the best of my abilities – be it dj, singer, writer or mother. I’ll be going hard at everything!


For more information about KLP and to get your hands on tickets for her upcoming tour click HERE. To see KLP and a stack of other amazing artists at Lost Paradise in Glenworth Valley over new years click HERE.