Interview: Kinder on “Come Along”, writing camps and growing as singers


Hailing from Maitland, NSW, sister duo Kinder are injecting the Australian music landscape with a sorely missed Ghanaian influence.

Briony and Savannah Osei recently released their single “Come Along” with A.GIRL, teaming up through Ricochet writing camp run by KLP.

Bonding over the sense of community in their respective heritages, “Come Along” combines a Ghanaian xylophone called the gyill, with high octane chanting and imagery of kids spinning bottles, feet on bare concrete and friendly shopkeepers.

After years of touring in the DJ and EDM circuit, playing the likes of Hot Dub Wine Machine and opening for Marshmello and RL Grimes, Kinder has just recently inked a deal with Warner Music.

Needless to say, we can expect a lot more to come from the sisters very soon, with an EP on the horizon for the end of next year.

We caught up with Briony and Savannah to chat about their recent release and what the future holds.

Kinder‘s latest release, “Come Along” ft A.GIRL, is out now.

Tait McGregor