Interview: Kimbra’s ripple effect and journey in finding herself through New York and Ethiopia

With utmost grace and resilience, Kimbra represents herself as a pivotal member of the music industry in Australia. Releasing her third LP Primal Heart at the beginning of 2018, and now with a new EP reimagining that release (Songs From Primal Heart Reimagined), Kimbra’s lyrical storytelling is something which she wishes to share around the world.

It’s been almost seven years since airwaves were met with the presence of Kimbra Lee Johnson who began her career as a mere 17-year-old. Moving to Melbourne Australia from her hometown in New Zealand to kick start her songwriting, the artistry behind Kimbra’s music speaks truthfulness in her own experiences and drifting “into a space of courage.”

“In the past, it’s been easier to cover things in metaphor and I think on this record (Primal Heart) I felt a little more boldness to speak my heart and simplify in a way that felt very primal,” says Kimbra.

“That’s what the record title “Primal Heart” is actually about – getting back to a sense of origin. Where we all come from and where we all truly connect with the level of pain but to not be too dark. We can be vulnerable with each other and we can acknowledge that we’ve all gone through similar things and New York will certainly teach you that – you can’t run from reality, it’s all around you.”

Now calling New York ‘home’, Kimbra says her experiences in the city have been mesmerising – fitting perfectly with her go-to attitude. “Moving to New York from LA… I knew that LA was the place to live for the industry but I got back to following my heart a little bit more in terms of where I really felt most inspired.”

Describing the energy of her LP Primal Heart, Kimbra says she translated old lyrics through a new lense to reproduce a new and reimagined vision for fans to listen to. After travelling to Ethiopia in 2015, Kimbra says she felt most vulnerable to tell a story of courage and confidence.

“We translate the old songs and the energy of the new record. In a sense, it’s kind of being seen through a new lense and reimagined, through the new sounds I’ve been playing on the new record,” says Kimbra.

“Connecting with people from a very different life and learning from the strengths.I met an incredible woman through an organisation called Tirzah and I think that experience compelled me to take my own road down life & walk into that space of courage. And that’s again, a lot of the new music as well, the sort of confidence and making decisions that were very grounded and what I felt was right for me and not thinking about career, career, career – but just listening to your heart and having less fear about talking directly to things.”


Her new EP, Songs From Primal Heart Reimagined is out now. Kimbra performs two intimate shows at the Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne this week, on the 22nd November.

Set 1 (New Show):
Doors – 7:00 pm
KIMBRA – 7:30-8:30 pm

Set 2 (Existing ticket holders):
Doors – 9:15 pm
KIMBRA – 9:45-10:45 pm

Tickets for the 7.30pm show will be on sale at 10am Tuesday 20 November at For complete tour and ticket information, visit: &