Interview: KIM of The Presets (AUS) on his perfect NYE and favourite tunes of 2018

Ahead of their headlining midnight set at NYE in the Park in Sydney, we caught up with KIM of The Presets to talk about his perfect New Years Eve, highlights of 2018 and what he has planned for 2018. We also get a taste of his favourite music of the year…

What were you doing on your favourite ever NYE?

Running in circles around a house in the mid-afternoon sunshine on my first pinga with my best friend. I told a bunch of people that even though we’d just met I felt connected to them and that I loved them. Standard ecstasy noob behaviour in days long gone but I loved it so much. The thought of it still makes me smile and tingle all over.

What three things make the perfect New Years Eve?

Friends, champagne and an easy to find taxi for the ride home.

What can fans expect from your set at NYE IN THE PARK?

We are no strangers at bringing in the New Year. There will be new anthems, old anthems and a big chance to sing along with your mates and wave your mitts all the way from 2018 to 2019.

Who else are you excited to check out while you’re there? Will you get to stay around until midnight?

I’ll be dancing along to Hayden James, Confidence Man, Luke Million… everyone! It’s a sick lineup and I’ll stay until they kick me out.

What’s been your highlight as an artist in 2018?

Releasing our 4th Album Hi Viz was a huge highlight. So many great shows here and in the US.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? 

More new music! More shows. More studio time.

And hot tip on your favourite music from 2018?

My fav album was IceageBeyondless and also DMA’s – For Now (but I produced that one so does it count?)

For more details about NYE in the Park, which takes place in Sydney’s Victoria Park on New Years Eve, including the just released set times, head HERE.

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