Interview: JESSIA on “I’m Not Pretty”, TikTok and Ryan Tedder


2021 is the year of JESSIA. The TikTok phenomenon uploaded a semblance of a song hook on January 1st, only to have the Internet demand to hear more. Now her hit single “I’m Not Pretty”, birthed through the platform and its power for collaboration, sits at over 46 million Spotify streams, 10.9 million TikTok views and has her touted as one of 2021’s most inspiring breakout artists. 

It was this track that compelled music juggernaut Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic, Miley Cyrus, Blackpink, Taylor Swift) to direct message her and eventually sign her to a venture with Artist Driven Records and Republic Records.  

With a powerhouse team backing her undeniable songwriting and vocal talent, JESSIA is on track for global domination, 

I sat down with her to discuss the past four months, her TikTok producer collaborator Elijah Woods, and the next steps on her path to success. 

We chatted about the success of “I’m Not Pretty”, and the doors it has opened. Or as JESSIA put it “I can talk about the weird stuff, subjects which are taboo…” 

When pushed about how she would describe her story, what does she want to tell through her music, the answer was an enticing concoction- “… you’re having a conversation with me over a cup of tea […] and production-wise, it’s a glittery, trashy, hang-out with your friends”

Watch the full interview here.

“I’m Not Pretty” is OUT NOW.

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Main image credit: William Amarcand.

Tait McGregor