Interview: Hot Chelle Rae on their whirlwind success, their hiatus and “Do The Damn Thing”

Hot Chelle Rae shot to international fame with their 2011 hits “Tonight Tonight” and “I Like It Like That”. Then suddenly, they disappeared from the spotlight. In a story that’s not widely spoken about, the band’s music was legally bound to a souring record and management deal.

As guitarist Nash Overstreet tells us, “we got off the label, only to find every song for the past two years we’d written for our next album that ever came out was legally tied up.”

“We were a little bit imprisoned… I think that’s probably one of the hardest things art-wise I’ve ever had to go through and the guys can say the same,” said vocalist Ryan Follesé.

In one of their most honest conversations yet, the revamped Hot Chelle Rae discuss their early 2010s fame, their forced hiatus and the new era for the band.

Check out the chat with Nash, Ryan and Jamie Follesé below:

“Do The Damn Thing” is OUT NOW.

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Tait McGregor