Interview: GhostSeeker talk new EP, tour and Ghost Adventures

Melbourne alt-metal quintet GhostSeeker is a band that you definitely want to put on your radar if you haven’t already. They recently announced their Initium Novum East Coast tour next month for their debut EP of the same name, with support from The Atomic Beau Project, Aurateque, Synge and more. Get your tickets HERE.

The five-piece boast searing riffs, infectious melodies and aggressive breakdowns with a tasty blend of clean and harsh vocals. Having been featured on the likes of Dreambound, Wall of Sound and Spotify, GhostSeeker have also shared the stage with local favourites Ocean Sleeper, Belle Haven, The Beautiful Monument and more.

We had a chat with GhostSeeker about the tour, EP and more.

Congrats on the new EP! Can you tell us about the meaning behind the title Initium Novum?

Thank you. Initium Novum translates roughly from Latin to new beginnings. Seeing as we were all involved in music, both previous and current, we thought it was a fitting first title.

What led to the decision to release each track as a single, and do you have a collective favourite?

It was combination of that pesky covid and behind the scenes hurdles. It wasn’t our ideal release plan, however it’s kind of worked in our favour and kept our name out there while shows were either nonexistent or hard to come by.

To celebrate, you’ve just announced an East Coast tour with some stacked supports. Where are you most excited to play, and who are you most keen to share the stage with?

Honestly, we’re excited for the whole thing! This tour will be the first time we take our show outside the Vic border. And obviously, Melbourne is home, so we’re always keen to play in front of our friends and family. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about Aurateque being on the run. They’ve been hilarious in the chats, can’t wait to finally meet them and create some stories.

There’s a lot of different sounds that work well together in your music. What are some of your main influences as a band?

Spiritbox, Polaris, Bad Omens, Ocean Sleeper, Architects… I could name bands here all day. Heavy riffs, catchy vocals, sweet lead lines. These are things we love, which I’m sure shines through in our sound.

You’ve garnered some extensive support from the scene and media alike. What comes next for GhostSeeker?

WORLD DOMINATION… if the world will have us, that is. Please have us.

You’ve been invited onto a ghost hunting TV show and get to choose where you go to find them. Where are you headed?

It’s funny you ask this. I know exactly what’s GOING TO HAPPEN. Upon finding, and loving, our band, Zak Bagans will invite us to be the special guests in the finale episode of Ghost Adventures. From there, we let Zak work his magic. He knows all the hotspots, he will be our Sherpa. In Zak we trust.

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