Interview: Claire Rosinkranz on ‘6 Of A Billion’, TikTok and teenage rebellion

Claire Rosinkranz

“Backyard Boy” is one of TikTok’s most viral hits, soundtracking most of the 2020 lockdown for millennials. Claire Rosinkranz is the 17-year-old pop sensation behind the breakout hit that saw her release her debut EP produced by her father, BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd, as well as a remixed collection featuring Jeremy Zucker, ROLE MODEL and Australia’s Hauskey.

She’s followed up that success with her latest body of work, 6 Of A Billion – six out of the billions of songs she’s penned since she was 8-years-old. The EP features her dad’s production hand on all of the tracks, except “Frankenstein” – a song pitched to the young artist and produced by M-Phazes.

Talking of picking up a song written by someone else, Claire says, “I’ve just had not a lot of reason to take a song from another person because I’ve written so much and usually write a song a day if I want to… But then when the song was pitched to me, I heard it and I loved it and it was also a nostalgic melody to me… At first I was a tiny bit hesitant but I loved it so much that it kind of took away the more hesitant part of me.”

As for what’s next for Claire, she’s got her first tour dates lined up in November – a milestone for the artist who’s amassed over 4.5 million monthly Spotify listeners!

For fans of BENEE meets Sycco meets Olivia Rodrigo, check out Claire Rosinkranz and her latest release 6 Of A Billion.

‘6 Of A Billion’ is OUT NOW

Tait McGregor