Interview: Caiti Baker talks “Gimme” ahead of her National Tour

Ahead of her national tour, which kicks off in WA next week, we caught up with Darwin’s Caiti Baker to find out a little more about her new single “Gimme”, what to expect from the upcoming tour, and how music has helped her through some tough times.

Congratulations on the release of your new track! You mentioned that this track pushed you in a new direction creatively, can you tell us a little bit more about the concept behind the track?

Thank you! “Gimme” was written along with the songs for Zinc, but we couldn’t get the production to sit right. So it didn’t make it as part of the album. We reached out to our homie Nooky to collaborate on the production with us and he came back with some killa ideas that helped spur the song in a slightly different direction. I have two more songs coming out (“Yep Yep” on Sept 14th and “La La La” on October 5th) that both sit in that “part 2 box” of Zinc.

The song lyrics were inspired by a long period of time where my home didn’t feel like a sanctuary because my personal space was being compromised. I twisted it a little into a “relationship” song to make it a little more universal.

You also mentioned that these tracks adopted a different aesthetic, with a life and style of their own. Was this happening simultaneous to the tracks that ended up on Zinc or did it happen after? What do you think inspired the aesthetic?

They were all written at the same time but for whatever production reason, they didn’t “fit” onto the album. The songs were transitioning into simpler production and the arrangements were more creative. I didn’t want to have anything half baked on the album, so we took a little longer finessing the tracks!

Does “Gimme” give us a good indication of what we can expect from the rest of the tracks?

Yes and no! The other two, “Yep Yep” and “La La La” have a similar vibe. I guess you could say they are the middle ground for the next transitioning phase of the songs that I’m working on now for my next chapter release in 2019. Which I am extremely excited about!

Not only is your music genre-bending and fresh, it also tackles some pretty big struggles in your life. How has music helped you through tough times?

For most people music is an escape, a refuge, a place to feel free and I am one of those people. Music is something I can always rely on and find comfort in; whether that’s listening to it or creating it. Creating music is a cathartic experience. It’s my therapy and it’s my expression.

Playing songs that explore big themes and moments in your life can also be a very daunting process, how do you accomplish getting up onto the stage and showing them to the world? 

Once I write a song, I feel the relief of being unburdened. Then I guess the song exists as it’s own entity from there on in. I create them with my vulnerabilities then they’re out there to be consumed by anyone. It’s up for interpretation, because I guess that’s what art is, it’s subjective. I also write these songs and sit with them for months to years before they’re released. So, I guess you could say the potency of their meaning to me is diluted by the time they’re out in the world. Then I get to rehydrate the emotion with more clarity when I perform them live! Performing is an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s something I love doing and want to be able to do for a very long time.

Looking back on the release of Zinc, how do you feel it was received? Are you happy with how it’s gone?

I’m beyond happy! I love what I do, and having an amazing team around me to help me get my music out there is mad humbling.

Still to this day, nearly a year on, I have people contacting me telling me that they’ve just discovered me and my music and the fact that they’ve taken time out of their day to tell me that is heartwarming!

You recently went on a national tour with the Teskey Brothers and you’ve got your own tour taking off soon! How did the tour with Teskey go and what can we expect from your next run of shows?

I had a great time on the Teskey Brothers tour! They’re madly talented and lovely guys. I enjoyed playing for their fans and meeting them after the shows!

Yes, I’m on tour again in September and October – the B6 Tour which will essentially be the last time I tour this album, Zinc, before heading back into the studio to record for my next collection of songs!

I’m excited to perform the album to new and existing fans and enjoy the intimacy of the rooms I’m playing. I’m also taking my fellow Territorian and soulful rock indie artist Stevie Jean on the road. It’ll be her first time on a national tour and I just know my fans will love her!

Beyond the tracks later this year, can you give us any insights into what the future holds for you and your music? 

I’m excited to be going back into writing mode. I’ve been working on new tunes over the last few months but after the tour, I’ll be ready to lock myself in the studio and churn the songs out! I find it difficult to write on the road, so I have a lot of pent up ideas that I need to get out of my head!

In-between writing and recording, I’ll be playing the Mullum Music Festival, and then supporting Rodriguez in Darwin in February! I’m just excited to be creating new music and switching it up!


“Gimme” is available now through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all streaming platforms. Zinc is out now through Perambulator Records / MGM Distribution.

See Caiti Baker live on tour:

September 20: Settler’s Tavern, Margaret River WA
September 21: Indi Bar, Scarborough WA
September 22: Blues for the Bush, Perenjori, WA
September 26: Grace Emily, Adelaide SA
September 27: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC
September 29: Caloundra Music Festival, Sunshine Coast QLD
September 29: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
October 4: Waywards, Newtown NSW
October 5: Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
October 6: Granite Town Music Festival, Moroya NSW

Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

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