Interview: BOY SODA on The Distance Between Thinking and Feeling, self-reflection and personal growth.

  • Tait McGregor
  • April 13, 2022
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Terrigal’s BOY SODA is bursting beyond the Central Coast and well into the Australian music scene with debut EP The Distance Between Thinking and Feeling – a collection born out of deep introspection, love and greater human connection.

Disguised in late 2000s-tinged R&B, this diaristic examination covers everything from stopping to smell the roses, celebrating relationships and realising feeling small doesn’t equate to insignificance.

“From a very young age, I’ve been able to look at my thoughts and feelings from that outside perspective, so it feels very appropriate and also very like cathartic for it to arrive now as my first body of work, because I think it’s something that’s always been in my life,” BOY SODA said about his self-reflective work.

What’s evident is the time he’s invested into himself over the pandemic. And it’s certainly paid off, with a refined sonic direction that seemingly takes inspiration from the likes of Ye (Kanye West) and Chris Brown, as well as a renewed sense of self-belief.

“I back myself on some like Kanye genius Trilogy-like series type-beat, you know, but also not, like also being aware that I have a lot to learn still and I’m always navigating new things and that I’m not the best at anything. And, you know, controlling my ego in that sense, so that it’s not like dictating any of the decisions I make or the way that I interact with people. I think while I was making this, if you know, there’s a lot of self doubt. And then the other side of that is like, this is awesome. I love this so much,” said BOY SODA.

Deftly treading the line of arrogance versus confidence, the audience at his EP launch at The Lansdowne earlier this month were treated to exactly that, as BOY SODA graced the stage with humility and bravado.

2022 is truly Soda Season, and The Distance Between Thinking and Feeling is only the beginning.

Catch our full interview with BOY SODA below!

The Distance Between Thinking and Feeling is OUT NOW.
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Main image credit: Dexter Lola

Tait McGregor