Interview: Alexander 23 on Oh No, Not Again!, DJ-ing and winning girls back

Alexander 23 by Julian Burgueno

Chicago native Alexander 23 has released his second EP Oh No, Not Again! tracking the “cycle” of a relationship from yearning to falling in love, breaking up to recovery.

His universally honest and easily accessible lyricism has him blowing up online, with his track “IDK You Yet” capturing the hearts of TikTokers and sending him viral.

Aside from penning transparent confessions, Alexander is an accomplished producer and a DJ in-training. He’s also begun sewing and embroidering through lockdown.

I sat down with him to discuss his latest offering and to find out just how many girls he’s won back with his serenades.

Alexander 23’s new EP Oh No, Not Again! is out now.

Main image credit: Julian Burgueno

Tait McGregor


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