Hello Asia! Interview : Shiga Lin (Hong Kong) on her upcoming Australian concert and more!

Hong Kong singer and actress Shiga Lin sat down with Hello Asia editor Johnny Au and chatted about her upcoming Australian tour this September to Melbourne, her budding acting career, work on her fourth album and some non-music related plans for the rest of 2015.

Shiga Lin is currently working on her fourth album, she says; “It’s going to be released at the end of this year, around October. Basically for me I do singles, I usually promote my songs more on social networks and media. It’s really exciting for me to have a album”. This album has given her the opportunity to reflect on song writing process and collaboration. She prefers to collaborate with just one lyricist, saying “the person knows me inside out and keeps the whole thing related to each other more”.

Having toured the the US recently to work on new music videos in Los Angeles, Shiga Lin’s time was dedicated to her music; “We started off with San Fran, and then a 7 hour ride to Reno, that’s where I was performing. It’s like a smaller older version of Vegas but its quite authentic”.With two new songs in the works, the trip was a great chance for the team to really bond, she states;” It’s the first time in a long time the whole entire music company can travel together as a team together to another country to do something, I think that’s amazing”

Shiga Lin visits our shores once or twice a year, being somewhat surprised by the popularity for Asian music here, saying “the Asian market is a lot bigger than I thought, so therefore we have the opportunity to perform here”. Reminiscing on her past trip here, her admiration for our local produce in Sydney stands out; “I love seafood, I’ve been to the fish markets and it’s amazing…every time I travel to Australia it’s a three day trip, it’s intense. But we do eat a lot”

Aside from her singing career, Shiga Lin has just featured in a black comedy film titled When Geek Meets Serial Killer, playing the girlfriend of one main character. Her role allowed her to experience some very cool stunts, she says “the biggest challenge in this movie is that I actually try out wires and fighting scenes and killing scenes, and that’s something I never tried before”.

Shiga Lin’s plans for the rest of 2015 are not particularly music related, having entered in a 21KM race; “I’m going to do a half marathon I think Hong Kong artists are more versatile. We have a lot of other stuff going on the side as well”.

Shiga Lin will be supporting Pakho Chau’s Melbourne concert on Sunday 27th September.

Pakho Chau Perfect 8 Live in Melbourne 2015
Special Guest: Shiga Lin

Date: Sunday 27th September
Time: Doors 6pm, Show 7pm
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Price: VIP $300/$189/$159/$129/$99/$69
For more information please call: 0457 110 889