Guest Playlist: Dust Of Us share 20 Songs to get through 2020

Sydney duo Dust Of Us have just released their latest single, “Punching Bag”, an exotic blend of layered electronica and moody ethereal vocals.

Brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott roped in guest vocalist Jess Chalker and her contribution is stunning. It’s a beautiful dark, smoky, track. The production is imaginative and leaves you wanting more.

Ed Prescott explains the inspiration behind the track: “It’s a pretty dark song about someone emancipating themselves from a dire situation. To me, you can read it either as a metaphorical punching bag or literal, ie. from the perspective of someone whose partner physically abuses them.”

He expands further: “Most of the lyrics came out pretty subconsciously but at the time, I was reading Jess Hill’s brilliant book ‘See What You Made Me Do’, and I think some of the themes of that book seeped into the song. We asked if our friend Jess Chalker would sing on it, her voice is stunning. It feels simultaneously strong and vulnerable at the same time, and that was what the song required.”

“Punching Bag” will be on the forthcoming debut album for Dust Of Us, which we are keenly awaiting.

The track was created in three different countries. Ed and Lloyd recorded all of the music on the NSW Central Coast, Jess Chalker added her vocals from her home in London, and the track was mixed by Matthew Neighbour in Los Angeles.


The band has put together a playlist of 20 songs which have helped them get through 2020. After listening to “Punching Bag”, it should come as no surprise that Massive Attack leads the first track on this diverse collection.

Sit back, press play and listen in to twenty tracks which will most definitely help in forgetting the woes of this year.

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