Gosteleradio – Good Deeds Against the Dead (2010 LP)


The new LP from Melbourne’s Gosteleradio
Good Deeds Against the Dead is a down beat affair that sounds as though it was written under the influence of a cocktail of illicit substances and Pink Floyd’s back catalogue. Formed as a side project of Plug in City and TTT, Gosteleradio are one of the more interesting acts to crop up on the local scene this year.     

Right from the opener “Crimean War Song” the listener is drenched in a wealth of melodious harmonies and intricately layered arrangements that are like food for the soul with the swirling synth and gentle percussion. “Elysian Fields (Ill Gotten Gains)” is a dreamy wonderland of sweet ethereal pop that is one of the few cheery moments on the album before we are dragged back down to the depths of the melancholic with sweeping instrumental epic “The Centre Cannot Hold”.  

The tone of the record is gloriously mellow, making it the perfect come down soundtrack. However the downside of this is that all of the songs pursue the same sound. There is no variation in tone and texture whatsoever, which after awhile does make it feel as though you are listening to one ridiculously long song.

In spite of this draw back there is merit in Gosteleradio’s debut offering. The music they make is aching with passion and beauty. The three piece skilfully blend prog-rock and psychedelic pop and whilst they wear their influences firmly on their sleeves, their Flyod-esque, Beatles infused tunes are definitely worth a listen.

Review Score: 7/10.