Goodnight Owl – Self-Titled (2010 EP)

Goodnight Owl album copy

Music is a powerful medium that can heal a broken heart, make the dark days bearable and add another layer of happiness to the tender, joyous moments in one’s life. The new EP from up and coming local artists Goodnight Owl does all of this and more, with their gorgeous electronic arrangements that offer comfort, excitement and adventure to the listeners.

Goodnight Owl is the baby of Eddie Alexander and his friends, who were raised in the wilderness of the Northern Territory and reconnected in the urban jungle of suburban Melbourne, bringing us a breathtaking release that has a fragile beauty hidden amongst the bright melodious tunes.

Produced by Nick Huggins (Otouto, Kid Sam, Whitley) back in 2008, the five track EP is a precious electro-pop wonderland that grows better with every listen. Standout tracks are “Maps & Compasses” and “Stale Bread”. “Maps & Compasses” is mesmerising, with richly layered samples and gentle guitar plucking accompanying Alexander’s soft vocals. “Stale Bread” sees the band calling upon their folk influences, with a moving guitar melody that is heightened by the achingly passionate vocals, and is heart breaking to listen to.

The Goodnight Owl EP is a striking debut that incorporates all the elements of endearing indie tunes. If you enjoy the likes of Bon Iver and The Postal Service then this may be the band for you.

Catch Goodnight Owl in Melbourne as they support Ernest Ellis at The Northcote Social Club on July 16th, and launch the video for “Maps & Compasses” at The Workers Club on July 31st.

Review Score: 9/10