Go Genre Everything – Humans & Luxury (2010 EP)


Go Genre Everything are a complete head fuck. I’ve listened to their EP Humans & Luxury for a few days now and am still unable to decide whether this is a collaboration of musical genius’s, hipster wannabes performing a masturbatory exercise, or a group of friends simply taking the piss.

They’ve written their own Wikipedia entry detailing the bands reputation for emitting wild and eclectic smells. The bio on their website (referred to by the band as their control centre) spins an outrageous tale about Go Genre Everything forming as a ‘screaming avant life epic orchestra’ back in 1974 and describes their evolution through psychic conditioning into a ‘not for profit audio visual visceral edutainment complex’.

On this basis alone I was ready to write them off as gimmicky wankers who’ve dropped far to much acid, however there’s something undeniably intriguing about their new EP. Given their highly experimental nature, the four tracks on Humans & Luxury stand in defiance of conventional song writing, with track I Am The Best (and no-one is better ahahaha) just painful to listen to with the tragic self-indulgent wailing over a scattered drum beat.

Opener Humans Like Collecting Things That Match is an intensely brooding tune and by far the best on this release. There’s something magical about the urgency conveyed by the furious drumming that has won me over. Luxury Something Something starts off well with a moody guitar and synth combo whipping up a sinister atmosphere. The helium style vocal wails are jarring, but match with the vibe Go Genre Everything is creating. The last track Glowing Light reminds me slightly of Jookabox with the way the band have mashed up rockabilly with modern alternative nuances, and the exaggerated vocal effects.

I’m not sold on the image Go Genre Everything are attempting to create for themselves, but once you overcome the weird factor, the music itself is highly entertaining in an outlandish fashion. Its definitely not a record for the mainstream or the general alternative market, but if you enjoy music that can make you feel like you’ve just downed ten rounds of shots, face planted on the dance floor and still think you’re having the best night of your life, than check out Go Genre Everything. Their live show is bound to be one hell of an experience. 

Review Score: 5/10