Gettin’ to know The Sooks: 5 things you never knew about the Western Sydney indie rock act

Following the release of their latest single “Burn Me Out”, Western Sydney indie rock act The Sooks have been reaped praise for their melodic musicality as they explore the deep thematics of universal disconnection.

“‘Burn Me Out’ explores the feeling alienated from the things around you, being disconnected from the world and feeling like time is passing by when you are stood still. We all get that kind of feeling of being burnt out by something or someone, and this song is sort of a tribute to that universal frustration.”

As the track garners further attention across the major streaming platforms, The AU Review wanted to get to know the quartet a little better, like where they originated and how exactly they came up with their band name.

1. Ask and you shall receive

Jeremy, Corey and Kenan met Flynn when he was busking with drumsticks and buckets in Newtown near the train station. “We liked his groove and got talking to him and found out he lived pretty close to the rest of us. So we asked him if he wanted to join the band and the rest is history.”

2. Jam and Jerry

The idea of the band started in high-school for the quartet, with The Sooks being the first band for all of the boys.  Corey and Jeremy decided to start the band after finding out that they were both fans of Mungo Jerry; “We used to jam in the corner of the library with plastic acoustic guitars at recess/lunch and got kicked out all the time.”

3. Garage band

A Toongabbie-based band, The Sooks started out from jams in their garage. “It may not be the tidiest or have the best acoustics but it gets the job done.”  We suspect the neighbours might not be the biggest fans though.

4. Your dad’s a rock star!

Member Jeremy Cassar, 19, is soon expecting his second child following the birth of his first child, Craig, in late 2021. “Craig loves coming to gigs, and is always somewhere out in the crowd, wearing his earmuffs of course. If you see him at one of our gigs, be sure to say hi to him.”

5. They’re just a “bunch of sooks”

After jamming for a few months, they admit it was really hard choosing a name for the band.  A drunk encounter, however, changed their trajectory; “One night when we were all out at Vic On The Park in Marrickville, (and) a really drunk guy kept coming up to people saying “bunch of Sooks”, and we liked the ring of it, so we decided on that name that night.”


“Burn Me Out” is now available to stream and download.