Gettin' to know our 6th Birthday Bands: Kathryn Rollins (Perth)

Next up in our Getting To Know You series, we turn our attention to our Brisbane 6th Birthday Party, which takes over the Black Bear Lodge two weeks from today (Friday September 12th). First up, we get to know the amazing West Australian artist Kathryn Rollins who’ll bring her unique sound to the night:

Who am I?

Kathryn Rollins, a singer, songwriter and all round creative.

How and why I started making music:

Music came to me very organically through my Dad who is a jazz guitarist. Since I was really young I’ve always had an innate longing to create music and sing. This latest incarnation of my sound has emerged through a series of empowering realisations about my process and how I want to create my music. I have also been harnessing new technology to create a sonic world that satisfies me and suits where I’m at in my life.

My music sounds like:

…a party on a spaceship where there are some people feeling really strong emotions, some people dancing and grinding and some people casting dark spells.

I would love to play with:

Thom Yorke, straight up. We would probably have really awkward banter but hopefully after a few cups of tea and some jamming we’d hit our stride and make the best album ever.

I want you to listen to this song!


Kathryn Rollins is playing out Brisbane post-BIGSOUND party on Friday, September 12th at Black Bear Lodge. Entry is free! More details are here:

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