From Bob to Barter: 5 reasons you should be excited about Australian Music Week 2019

The annual Australian Music Week Conference is back for its fifth year and is returning with an impressive lineup of speakers and performers. Taking place November 2019, here are the five highlights of the week we know you won’t want to miss out on. And with many more announcements still to come, this is merely the icing on the cake. 

Bob Lefsetz is the Keynote Speaker

Author of “The Lefsetz Letter”, Bob Lefsetz will be joining an array of other speakers. With fans such as Steven Tyler and Drake, his entertaining insights on the current state of the music industry, including music downloading, copy protection, and pricing are not to be missed.

We’re getting the Sydney Premiere of Tommy Emmanuel – Endless Road 

The star-studded documentary will highlight the life of Tommy Emmanuel, an award winning, Grammy nominated artist. The biopic will feature stars such as Jason Isbell, Eric Idle, Joe Stratiani and more. The film’s Australian director, Jeremy Dylan, will be in attendance at the screening. 

There’s a Podcast Festival!

Australian Music Week will debut its inaugural podcast festival, where the likes of Bob Lefsetz, vinyl expert Nate Goyer, and filmmaker Jeremy Dylan will record their podcasts live.

20+ Music Industry Panels 

The vast array of live panels will include coverage on such topics as Management, Radio, First Nations, Women In Music, Labels, Distribution, Mental Health and more throughout the week. You can get the lay of the land over on the official website.

Live performances by Alex Lahey and Ali Barter… and more!

But where would a music industry conference be without its performances? Among the 120+ live acts performing throughout AMW, top billed will be indie pop artist Alex Lahey and Ali Barter, with more artist announcements to follow. 

AMW 2019 will take place from November 6-10 in Cronulla Beach, NSW. For more information, click here.