Folk Uke announces Australian national tour this Spring

Folk Uke will embark on an Australian national tour this Spring with Special Guests 49 Goodbyes (all shows except Cairns). Tickets on sale NOW.

Wednesday 26th October 2011: Lizottes – Newcastle (NSW)
Ph: (02) 4368 2017 – Tickets:

Thursday 27th October 2011: Lizottes – Central Coast (NSW)
Ph: (02) 4368 2017 – Tickets:

Friday 28th October 2011: Notes – Newtown (NSW)
Ph: (02) 9557 5111 Tickets:

Saturday 29th October 2011: Sydney Blues & Roots Festival – Windsor (NSW)

Sunday 30th October 2011: Sydney Blues & Roots Festival – Windsor (NSW)

Wednesday 2nd November 2011: Civic Hall – Mullumbimby (NSW)
Tickets: –

Thursday 3rd November 2011: Joe’s Waterhole – Eumundi (QLD)
Ph: (07) 5442 8144 or

Friday 4th November 2011: The Old Museum – Brisbane (QLD)
Ph: (07) 3257 4089 Tickets: or

Saturday 5th November 2011: Tanks Arts Centre – Cairns (QLD)
Tickets: Ph: 1300 855 835 or

Monday 7th November 2011: The Clarendon Guesthouse – Katoomba (NSW)
Tickets: Ph (02) 4782 1322 or

Tuesday 8th November 2011: The Clarendon Guesthouse – Katoomba (NSW)
Tickets: Ph (02) 4782 1322 or

Wednesday 9th November 2011: The Brass Monkey – Cronulla (NSW)
Tickets: Ph: (02) 9544 3844 or

Thursday 10th November 2011: Caravan Club (VIC)
Tickets: Ph: 0411 569 180 or

Friday 11th November 2011: East Brunswick Club – Brunswick (VIC)
Ph: (03) 9388 9794 or

Saturday 12th November 2011: Wheatsheaf Hotel – Adelaide (SA)
Ph: (08) 8443 4546 Tickets:

Sunday 13th November 2011: Currant Shed – Adelaide (SA)
Tickets: Ph: 08 8383 0232


Folk Uke is Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson. Though they were raised on the road with two of the most revered families in music, these two held out against the idea of going into the “family business” for as long as they could. Their parents were friends since the early 70’s (Cathy is daughter of Arlo, granddaughter of Woody; Amy is Willie’s daughter), but Cathy and Amy didn’t meet until 1990 when they found themselves working together in a restaurant in San Diego. They quickly realized that they had both grown up the same way: sleeping in guitar cases, riding tour buses, and joining their dads on stage. A beautiful friendship emerged.

As fate would have it, Amy and Cathy began playing with lyrics and various musical instruments. It wasn’t long before they stumbled into a music store and accidentally bought a ukulele. It was the year 2000 and Folk Uke was born. Amy, with her guitar, and Cathy, with her uke, entertained friends and family with their strange songs. To their utter surprise, they began receiving legitimate show offers. They weren’t very good, but they were funny and quite charming.

“I grew up in a family of folk music. Swearing wasn’t necessarily allowed, but if you sang it, it was ok and if it was in harmony, it was even better.” — Cathy Guthrie

Folk Uke has appeared across the US at venues ranging from NYC’s Hard Rock Café, Hempstalk, The Woody Guthrie Festival, New Orleans’s Tipitina’s, Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic, John Trudell’s Give Love Give Life project and previously in Australia, at Tamworth Country Music Festival. In 2005 they released Folk Uke, their self-titled debut CD, which has earned them a cult following and has caught the attention of anyone who has been exposed to them. Their vocal harmonies are sweet; their melodies are contagious; and their lyrics are explicit.

“They are like angels talking sh!t.” – John Trudell

Some of their songs are not what you would ever want to be caught singing, but are so catchy you’ll be accidentally singing them all day long. “Motherf-cker Got F-cked Up” was a contender for Song of the Year on the Red Peters Comedy Music Hour.

“Off the motherf–ckin’ chain…Dope as f–ck.” – Snoop Dogg

Folk Uke has just completed their second album Reincarnation which offers 10 tracks that bring you on a journey of obstacles, empowerment and rebirth… It promises to be entertaining, if not brilliant. Tracks include “I Miss My Boyfriend” which features Shooter Jennings as the lead vocal (appearing courtesy of Black Country Rock). Shooter delivers a convincing performance as the wife beater who gets in the end, in the end.

“So many emotions I went through; disgust, awkward laughter, fear, intrigue, calm, pride. Shooter sounds like a bonafide dirtbag piece of sh!t!!! I have never heard anything like this in my life!!” — Matt Reasor

The bi-lingual ditty “Quattro Momento”, featuring Arlo and Willie in the dueling dads’ guitar solo, implores, “Just to give me some time. I need more than a moment with you off of my mind. Tres isn’t enough. So double the dos, because uno momento doesn’t even come close.” The title track “Reincarnation” showcases the pretty side of Folk Uke. Finally! An FU song you can sing at work. And you will, too!

This sophomoric album, produced by Abe Guthrie and Folk Uke, is just what you would expect from Folk Uke: A taspoon of offensive, with a pinch of outrageous and sprinkle of talent.