Exclusive Video Premiere: Woodlock “Start Again” (2020)


Melbourne-based trio Woodlock make their return today, releasing new music for the first time in four years. The band consist of brothers Zech and Eze Walters, and drummer Bowen Purcell. Born out of the divorce of guitarist and vocalist Zech Walters, “Start Again”, is unsurprisingly given its title, a song all about rebirth and renewal.

Which is pretty apt in itself, with the band enjoying something of a creative renewal, having signed a new record deal with Nettwerk Music Group. Not to mention hitting the studio, working with producers Hayden Calnin and Jackson Barclay. “Start Again” is the first single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Collateral, out in October.

To celebrate the release of the new single, the band have teamed up with director and animator Andrew Colin Beck to create a stunning animated music video to accompany the single. Produced by The Wild Honey Pie the clip is brimming with imagery suggestive of birth, transformation and rejuvenation. The animation is visually striking, brings to mind the animation from The Beatles Yellow Submarine, and nothing says renewal and hope quite like the 1960s. The inspiration is much more personal though, with the animation paying tribute to the brothers’ Maori roots:

“There’s an old Maori legend where Maui the Demigod places a shark into the night sky, we loved the story and thought using a legend from our people as a prompt for a music video would be a really interesting way to share a little of our heritage through our art.”

All in all it’s the perfect visual accompaniment to the single, with the video’s pastel palette working beautifully alongside the organic and acoustic soundscape the band have created. We’re excited, therefore, to bring you an exclusive first peek at the video below:

“Start Again” is out today. Collateral is out October 9th. You can keep up to date with Woodlock via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Header Image: Kane Hibbered

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