Exclusive Video Premiere: Violetta Zironi “Oasis” (2018)

There’s a songbird who sings and her name is Violetta Zironi. The Italian-born singer and guitarist started her musical career at the young age of sixteen, when she first picked up a pen and paper to express her thoughts in songs. A duet with the legendary Ben E. King, an international tour, and a critically acclaimed EP later, Zironi is releasing the official video to her latest single “Oasis” exclusively on The AU Review.

A girl with her guitar is an image we have seen a thousand times, but as soon as Zironi opens her mouth and gently sings “Tell me a story but leave out the truth”, it is clear that this is no ordinary artist. Her remarkable voice seems to bear years of experience. Even though the folk singer is merely counting twenty-three years, her vocal strength is undeniable and rightfully earned her comparison with Norah Jones and Leonard Cohen.

“Oasis” is like a dazzling wave of warm emotion. Zironi tells the dreamy story of lovers straying from the flaws of every day life, with such vocal skill and clever lyrics, that it is impossible not to hold one’s breath until she exhaled the very last note. The slow refined melodies of the guitar are coated in a nostalgic feel and provide the perfect base for Zironi’s emotive singing without upstaging it. The video is as minimalistic as the single and draws all attention to the music, an honest ballad as bittersweet as life itself.

Whilst writing Oasis I had autumn colours in my eyes, thinking of a place where worries and issues don’t exist. I found a warm corner in a beautiful castle just outside Berlin and it just felt like I had found that place, comforting and safe, an oasis in the coldness of autumn. – Violetta Zironi 

Watch the official video to Violetta Zircon’s new single “Oasis”:

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